Here are a few photos of my trailer T3-C sn # 1291 - the tail lights are ones I made and added a bolt on bracket for the other side and replaced the floor, the safety chains were replaced at sometime too, the trailer is in mostly primer the red is the correct color over the od green. The bantam logo is a stencil of the one I found under many other layers of paint.  Most of the bolts are marked E.C or B.C.     I hope the info helps your site to save these trailers. The trailer is registered as a 1954 but believe it is a 45 or 46.                                              

Brian  H  Vacaville, CA 


Bantam T3-c serial # 1291 w/ ID tag on the trailer and w/ AMC # 154288
trailer has the following
-riveted spring hangers w/ 2 holes
-AMC # 154288 under spring hanger
-4 hole punched in front panel for data plate w/ tag in lower 2 holes serial #1291
-BO switch hole
-handbrake holes
-angled tube brace for tailgate
-one tail light bracket
-4 cargo hooks tie down on sides 
-2 cargo hooks tie downs in front
-shock bracket mounting holes
-painted red w/ OD green under
-drain hole welded over