I am the proud owner of Bantam Model T3-C, serial 13661.  I went with my father to buy the trailer at the local Ford dealer's showroom in 1947.  Cars were backordered for months and they left the dealer the day after they arrived.  The only 'vehicles' on the showroom floor were the trailers.  We used it to move all over the country (he was a regular officer in the USAF).  It passed to me in 1959.  About 90% of its life has been spent in a garage, basement or storage unit, not outdoors.  It is 100% original with its oak stakes and bows, etc.  The only thing missing is the original canvas top.  It was origianlly bright red (including the towing arm), but now it is red with a bit of a rust cast.  The Bantam logo is still clear below the tail gate.  Anyway, I'm now 70 and have decided to sell it.