Some note about 2524.

Found this on ebay.  It was in Ohio.  The person I got it from said it was in a barn and had 6 inches of pigeon poop in the bed. 

After picking it up – I realized this Bantam is in really good shape and is all original – tow chains, tires and combat wheels.

Only surface rust and if you look underneath – also when you take the combat wheels apart –you see the original green color.

I kept 1 original tire for a spare.  It is a Firestone 

I used Forest Green Smooth Durabak for the entire trailer – matched some spray paint for the hubs and wheels.

Only had to prepare the surface with 3M pads – there are NO rust holes in the bed.

The bearings looked like brand new when I tore the hubs down. 

I use this trailer for hunting and camping – hauling things.  

Here is a pic taken in Nov after hunting.  The other one is at camp with all the snow we had.