Craiglist Ad excerpt:

This is a barn find if I've ever seen one . . . I have a PERFECT 1946 Bantam trailer. If you are reading this, I am hoping you are familiar with the history of the Bantam and what it represents and signifies .. . . . if not, I'd be glad to share, but its a lot of typing . . . . but for sale is the THIRD OLDEST OR EARLIEST CIVILIAN Bantam trailer known to exist (from my research) . . . . and it is BY FAR the most PERFECT and complete trailer I have ever seen (again, from my extensive research). . . . . it is serial number 384. which means when WW2 was declared a victory and production switched from military to civilian, American Bantam Car Company marked their serial numbers as 0000 . . . . and started numbering. This is 384. There are 2 older trailers known, but they are just a frame and an axle and a tag. 

This trailer is BY FAR the most perfect and unmolested example you will likely see. it has Original everything, nothign has been touched except for a lighting addition. original: lights, reflectors, axle, tailgate chains, support foot, wiring, wiring harness, chain covers, EVEN COMBAT RIMS !!! Yes, so they were using up their military stock and put combat rims on this one !! look at the tailgate lettering, it is nearly PERFECT. I can't emphasize enough how cool this find is . . . I have to get $4000 for it, but it honestly belongs in the Bantam Museum . . . I Don't deserve to be the care taker of this, so it should go to a good deserving home. CLEAR TITLE IN MY NAME for this trailer. it has not been "laundered". it is the original title, not a reconstruct or salvage. So it is now buried in my barn for someone else to find one day . . . but I'd really like the space for something else . . . 

Serious inquiries about this only. like I said It is a barn find, very rare, and belongs in a museum of automobile history . . . . Thanks for looking