T3-C, Serial # 390. 1945 civilian use Bantam trailer with multiple leftover WWII military parts on it. The Bantam T-3 trailer was originally used by the Army in WWII. After the war ended the leftover stock of trailers and parts were made for civilian use. My father bought this trailer after the war and used it all his life for personal use. It's 1/4 ton and has a very early serial # of 390 on its civilian data plate. It has the 4 holes where the original military data plate would have gone. It also has the spring hanger rivet bucking holes, early tow chain hooks, Fulton model 0-6 hitch coupler, blackout lamp switch hole, park brake handle mounting holes, tarp tie-down hooks (4 on side, 2 in front, 1 in rear), bow pockets, and riveted spring hangers. It currently has 15" wheels/tires. The tires are up but will probably need to be replaced. This is a wonderful piece of WWII memorabilia and will make a great restoration project to be pulled in a parade behind a Jeep. I would like to see someone buy this who will restore it and make it a great historical piece.