This is clearly the finest specimen of a 100% built from surplus Bantam T3 military trailer parts I have ever seen and still has a beautiful patina stencil proudly showing its manufacture.

Replace the hitch coupler and get an Arrow model 41 tail lamp and harness and you have a complete trailer than needs nothing but a column shift CJ2A to tow it and the cargo were ever you need.

This is up for auction on eBay and ending 13 Jan 09. I would surely appreciate if the winner would contact me when they get it safely home. I would like to see some better high resolution photos of left, right, front, back, top, and bottom and a better straight on shot of the beautiful stencil and possibly even get a tracing of it with a report of whether its paint or some type of water transfer decal. Would also like the ACM number under the spring hanger.

This is what they should look like!! Good luck to the bidders!!