ACM 151371




This is my early Bantam T3-C trailer (serial number unknown) but with ACM number 151371. 

  Note the ACM number appears double struck over the "7" with a "1", but perhaps the serial number stamper grabbed the wrong number stamp for that numeral.  I stayed with the "7" instead of the "1" which looks more like an afterthought.

This trailer has the following early features:

4 rope hooks down each side
2 ropes hooks on front panel
1 rope hook on tailgate
hole for MBT blackout light switch
holes for MBT handbrake handle
hole in top of "V" casting where lunette receiver was removed
riveted spring hangers with 2 holes on outside
combat wheels both sides
holes on body sides for MBT rear side reflectors.
tubes for rear end support
covered drain plug whole in rear floor
ACM number 151371.

note the extra tail light bracket bolted then welded to the passenger rear side panel.

Fred Coldwell
Denver, CO.