Bantam T3-C Data Plate History




















Recently discovered data plate change in the 30XXX serial number range. Robert is also going to research reproduction of this late brass style tag.



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Data plate for BT3C trailer $22.50              (US dollars)


Stamping  BT3C trailer plate $6.00   


Attaching hardware, Rivets $2.50 (2 rivets & 1 extra for practicing)


Shipping $5.00 airmail


Normally it will take a week to arrive in the US.

I learned something new today after contacting a vendor with an impeccable reputation for the very best in reproduction data plates for military vehicles and also our Bantam T3-C Civilian Trailers.

Robert de Ruyter of "Dataplates4u" in the Netherlands described to me how the original Bantam T3-C trailer data plates were derived from cut down "Bantam T-3 Military Trailers" produced in WWII.


My guess is the Military T-3 data plates were probably surplus after the war just like the parts used on the early T3-C trailers and used up until supplies were exhausted.


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Have a look at the below images of Roberts discovery.