Bantam T3-C Logo Stencils

A theory by Randy Snyder:

  1.  Large tailgate logo - 1945 model only on rod supported rear.  (last documented appearance on sn: 651)

  2.  Block style logo below tailgate - 1946 model, only on rear panel support.  (first documented appearance on sn: 2524)  

  3.  Slanted logo below tailgate - 1947 model.  (first documented appearance between sn: 19918 and sn: 29577)    

Not sure how long they would have kept putting the logo on. Bantam may have ended it in a cost cutting measure. I think early on they kept the automotive mfg. mindset of have different changes at a model year. This until it became clear the end was near and they wouldn't be a car company anymore.

If you have a logo on your trailer please send me a clear unedited image and your serial number so that we can narrow down what year the changes occurred.

Bantam T3-C owner Jamie Powers of Houston, TX was gracious enough to calculate and create a Bantam logo stencil or decal line art file that you can down load and take to a local sign shop in your area to recreate and put on your trailer.

Sign shops can cut out a decal or stencil for you using line art files.   Photos require them to redraw the images and additional charges will apply.   With these PDF format files you can down load and it contains the Early tail gate, Middle and Later lower panel images in a vector, (line art) format. Email or copy them to a USB key and take them to your nearest Sign Shop.   They should be able to create a decal or stencil from it. 

If you want a stencil to paint, request a removable “Calendar Film”. If you want a decal you want a “Cast Film”.   Calendar films tend to shrink over time but are easier to apply and are cheaper. Cast do not tend to shrink and last longer.  Make sure they apply a pre-mask either for either application to make it easier to install.

I did not have the original trailers to look at and did these off photos, in some cases comparing multiple images.  Measurements where made estimating the pictures with my own trailer. The early tailgate image is 14” wide. The two later images are 2.4” tall. 


Click the logo below to down load the line art file needed.

Images are copy write and exclusively for use on your trailer and not for resale!

Abuse of this request will result in the images being removed from public download