Post-WWII Light Duty Civilian Utility Trailers

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Following the modifications listed below from the WWII trailer, the new civilian trailer was given the model designation BT3-C. Bantam went on to produce this basic trailer after the war for the civilian market from 1946 until 1953. It may have also had the model designation of BTC.


Bill Norris CJ-2A
A 1947 BT3-C restored by Bill Norris in Michigan has serial #17851,
and has the original recessed taillights and ball hitch (60K JPEG's).

Major changes made to the BT3 for conversion to the BT3-C in the civilian market were:

Bantam T3-C showing early side supports (Serial #694)

Other features of early examples observed by Bill Norris include:


Restored BT3-C owned by Mark Harpootlian (Serial #13853)

The basic specs for the Bantam civilian trailers are as follows:

Body typeCargo
Weight Net (lb.)485
Weight Payload (lb.)1000 (onroad spec.)
Weight Gross (lb.)1485
Overall Height (in.)42
Overall Length (in.)109
Overall Width (in.)56
Floor Width (in.)38
Body (ft.)6 x 4
Tail Gate (in.)18
Tires Size6.00 x 16
Tread--Center to Center (in.)49
Springs (in. x in.)36 x 1 3/4

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