Im attempting to create a database where we may be able to track exactly when the changes to the civilian design took place and if they were all at once.


     I would also like to determine when particular changes took place in an attempt to help determine...the distinctive differences that are NOT just a bolt-on accessory would be the ones to check on...


Fulton Model 0-6 hitch

Arrow tail lamp Model 41 or 7341

Arrow Model 4124 license plate bracket

Early or late tow chain hooks

Blackout lamp switch hole on lower front right side (early)

Park brake handle mounting holes (early)

Spring hanger rivet bucking holes (early)

Spring hangers riveted (early) or bolted (late)

ACM number on the gusset beneath the left front spring hanger

Shock mount holes in frame (very early)

Shackles U Jeep style or 2 piece flat stock style (later)

Combat Wheels, Solid Wheels, CJ2A Style Kelsey Hayes Wheels

Tarp tie down hooks 4 side, 2 front, 1 rear (early) or 3 side, 1 front, 1 rear (late)

Round drain hole patch in tub (early)

Four holes for riveting on the WWII data plate (early) T3-C data plate uses the upper holes

Bantam Data Plate Serial Number

Tube supports (early) or sheet metal supports (late) in rear

Bow pockets

Color Red or Green, possibly Olive Drab (very early)

Stencil on Tailgate or rear cross member (2 styles)

Optional Bows, Racks, and Canvas

How To Identify Your Bantam T3-C Trailer