Guide to Bantam Utility Trailers

by John Hubbard

Spotter's Guide to Jeep Trailers

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This detailed collection of information about Bantam Utility Trailers was assembled by John Hubbard of Hubbard's Halfcabs and was previously hosted by Derek Redmond on The CJ3B Page. Material about the trailers is hard to find, so I'm pleased to be able to make it available here on The Bantam T3-C Page. -- Art Contoni

From 1946 Bantam Advertising to Dealers:

"For five years American Bantam was exclusively on War Work. The first Army Jeep was designed and built at American Bantam. This is considered one of the outstanding contributions to World War II.

"Our output of Jeeps, Axles, Ammunition Units, Airplane Parts, Trailers, etc., has run into a figure of over two million dollars a month. Over one hundred thousand Trailers were delivered to the Army during the last three years.

"The All-Purpose Utility (trailer) is the peace-time counterpart to our light Amphibious Trailer, which has been used in every part of the world where the Allied Armies have operated. It is of the same sturdy construction, revamped to meet peacetime needs."


Bantam Utility Trailer Links and Restoration Resources

E-mail discussion group.
Includes trailer parts drawings and Jon Rogers' "Focus on Trailers" pages.
1946 Bantam T3-C #9466
by Robert Bills
Nice restoration as camping trailer.
Jeep 1/4-ton Trailers
at Brian's Military Jeeps
Good photos and information on details.
M416 Trailer Project
by Pete Elton.
Well-documented restoration and links.
Golden Mile Sales, Inc.Bantam Parts dealer in Pennsylvania.
Converto Airborne Dumping TrailerDave Aro's web page.
Bantam BT3-C TrailerPhotos of Mike Boyink's trailer restoration project.
The Bantam T3-C Page The most info on this trailer that I have seen on the Net.
Beachwood Canvas Works
New Jersey, USA
Antique military & off-road vehicle canvas & parts specialists.
Portrayal PressReprints of military and civilian documentation.
George Baxter's
Army Jeep Parts
Military vehicle parts including repro trailer manuals.



Thanks to the American Austin/Bantam Club. The main article referenced in these pages was written by Dan and Barb Janquitto. Thanks to George Domer (AA/BC historian) for his great contribution to this project and to Joseph DeAngelo of Golden Miles Sales, Inc. (610-791-4497) for going the extra "mile." I would recommend that anyone interested in Bantam and its history join the American Austin/Bantam Club. Thanks also to Fred Coldwell of Denver, Colorado and Phil Nelson of Nelson's Surplus (330-482-5191) for information and literature. Thanks to Bill Spear for the Bantam logo. All not-previously copyrighted items copyright J.M. Hubbard.

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